Detailed reports page.

Detailed reports will start being published as soon as we collect the first $2,000. Yes, we know that without this page our project looks bad, but we cannot take “other people’s” reports and just publish them on our page.

We will only report the money that our project raised. Our project is already 90% operational and we hope that the required amount is just around the corner. You can help us with this by making a donation.

We promise that all your donations will go to the welfare of Ukraine.

Helping people from another country is like helping a housemate who is in a difficult situation. We want to believe that we are all human beings and there are no boundaries between us.

Now many sectors of Ukraine really need financial assistance.

As we wrote on the main page, even the smallest, for example, a $5 donation, will not only help us (especially if there are a lot of donations), it will also provide a huge morale boost.

You can bookmark this page and open it periodically to check the status of the reports.

Whenever possible, the people behind this project will transfer money to volunteers and feel good about it.