Become a hero, take part in Ukraine’s victory over neo-fascism. Together, we are powerful!

On the 23rd of February 2022, Russia started a large-scale war against peaceful Ukraine. Over 881 days of war have already passed, showing the real reason for the war: genocide, an attempt to show strength on the world stage and cruel, unthinkable actions with no meaning at all, except bloodshed. But Ukraine fights and will not give up. It will stand up and win. The people of Ukraine will rise up, as they have done throughout their history..

The war is not about territory, it's a war against civilians.

  • Bucha City before
  • Bucha City after
  • Herson City before
  • Herson City after
  • Kupansk City before
  • Kupansk City after
  • Mariupol City before
  • Mariupol City after
  • Zaporozhe City before
  • Zaporozhe City after
Bucha City before1 Bucha City after2 Herson City before3 Herson City after4 Kupansk City before5 Kupansk City after6 Mariupol City before7 Mariupol City after8 Zaporozhe City before9 Zaporozhe City after10

Today we must fight evil together.

Funds raised on this site go directly to volunteers, not government organizations.

All the money collected once a week will be sent directly to volunteers who have been on the front line with the military for more than seven years (since the occupation of Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk). Volunteers who help displaced people, the ones who have no housing left. Volunteers who take care of animals that have hurt because of the war. The funds collected will be distributed and transferred according to need. We have nothing against public funds, but they are not always transparent and ordinary volunteers very often do not have enough money for the most important needs. Every ten days, we will publish reports of all donations (except the name of the person who donated) on this page and we will try to post as many progress reports as possible as well.

No matter how small, any donation is a sign of solidarity, bravery and support for Ukraine.

Donations start from $5.
The service we use to accept donations is used by over 300,000 people around the world. Rest assured that your data is protected. The more people help us, the easier it will be for us!

Yes, we know that all civilized countries are helping Ukraine now, but the money collected here will be transferred to volunteers, not to government organizations.

Thank you for your help! Doing good is both easy and pleasant!

As we all understand, sharing a link to our project on a social networks is a big deal. Doing this will bring victory closer, help the military, displaced people, animals and everyone who needs help in this difficult time in Ukraine.

The first reports will be published as soon as we collect the first money. So far, our project is only at the first stage. Please support us.

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